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Official Launch

Gwenole, Jan 1, 2024

After months of work, I am extremely proud to officially announce the launch of the social networking application for musicians: MUSICIANS NETWORK.

The goal of this application is to connect musicians with each other, in a system intended for them. No superfluous things, just musicians looking for other musicians to play together, to borrow, rent or buy equipment, to take or give music lessons, to look for places to play, to look for concerts, or just to find friends!

The system is obviously geo-localized and allows you to choose your radius of action.

This can allow groups to tour without having to lug around all their equipment and find it directly on site.

This can also allow musicians to find "musician friendly" places.

In short, after spending 25 years in the musical instrument industry selling instruments, importing brands, doing business, it was time for me to reconnect with what matters most: musicians and music. I now make my computer skills and my knowledge of the market available to the musician community.

Hoping that the application will appeal to all musicians of all generations and musical genres.

Also available in France

About Us

Musicians like to play together.

But when they move, they lose their connections to their local musician network.
How can they find bandmates and instruments to play with?
Musicians Network is a social network for musicians.
No unrelated bullshit - just musicians, equipment / instrument swaps and stores, and venues for playing / listening to music.

It's a dedicated space made by one musician for all musicians

App Available in US :
- Apple Store
- Play Store

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Also available in Usa France Australia